I'm Esther Bell, the owner of HELLOMrsBell.com; a boutique PR/Comms agency. With over twenty years (cripes!) of in-house, agency and freelance PR experience, I have great media and PR connections and a wealth of consumer and trade lifestyle and travel industry knowledge.

From creative brainstorms right the way through to disciplined reports - I LOVE what I do - and I have been extremely lucky to have worked with a very exciting range of clients including countries, US States, hotels, spas, bars, attractions and restaurants.

Some of the things I like to do:   

  • Have clients tell me their wish-list/best case scenario
  • Listen to and liaise with national and international media
  • Network with other great PRs to find collaboration opportunities
  • Amplify client messages and budgets through strategic industry partnerships 
  • Create integrated consumer and trade PR plans
  • Crisis Management 
  • Contact the right media with a message that is tailored exactly for them 
  • Create media-worthy angles 
  • Story seeding
  • Help my client to be the very best they can be 
  • Organise press trips (individual, groups trips and hosted visits) 
  • Arrange media appointments and/or escorted interviews
  • Writing compelling copy for media and for consumer newsletters
  • Social media assistance and management
  • Press events 
  • Photography direction and staging 
  • Introduce my clients to industry taste-makers and key influencers 
  • Develop brand collaborations and stage launch events
  • Get great coverage for my clients
  • Edit copy 
  • Keep inspired and up to date by partaking in industry-leading  conferences and webinars