I'm Esther Bell (née Williamson), the owner of HELLOMrsBell.com, a boutique PR/Comms agency in London.

With nearly twenty years (cripes!) in-house, agency and independent experience, I'm certainly long enough in the tooth to be experienced. I LOVE what I do, I've had the pleasure to work with a very impressive range of clients including countries, US states, hotels, spas, bars and restaurants. I'm particularly experienced and interested in consumer and trade travel and lifestyle clients. 

I have a small portfolio of well-cared-for clients, I focus on delivering the absolute best possible service to them. If you're looking for a PR Consultant or some simple, straightforward advice on the phone,  please do drop me a line! 

A bright blend of skills and experience: 


Disclaimer: I don't always look like this... 

Some of the things I like to do:   

  • Talk directly to my clients
  • Have clients tell me their wish-list/best case scenario
  • Create integrated consumer and trade PR plans
  • Write only relevant press releases
  • Distribution management (this job is HUGE!)
  • Create media-worthy angles
  • Story seeding
  • Press trips (in all shapes and forms)
  • Media appointments / escorted interviews,
  • Copywriting, newsletters and distribution
  • Social media for PR
  • Press events 
  • Crisis management
  • Introductions to industry taste-makers
  • Developing brand collaborations and events